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Royal Family News: Princess Anne Refuses To Join Prince Harry And Meghan’s Mud Fight

Cover picture for the articleBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Harry reportedly got an icy reception from his spurned family back in April when he returned to the UK. The occasion was Prince Philip’s funeral and Harry had trashed the entire family and monarchy to Oprah Winfrey in March. Awkward. Now reports reveal...

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Bob in Florida

The Entire Royal Family, including Harry's father Charles, is done with Harry and his wife for life, with the exception of the 95 year old Queen, who remains aloof and quiet for the sake of appearances. The two have shown themselves to be beneath contempt by their actions and cannot be dealt with reasonably, as they are deranged mentally and they cannot be trusted to change or to comply with any agreements toward reconciliation.


Harry is in the difficult position of not being primary heir to the throne, something Princess Anne understands. Unfortunately, the couple thought that they should receive the same perks as William and don’t realize the different responsibilities, especially in the future.

Gilge Nelda

harry needs to face reality none of the royals want him around after all he has done he is no longer royal he needs to just leave them them alone so they can live their life without him aroundhe is nothing just evil like meghan give up harry you are not royal and they dont want you around you are not royal you are nothing


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