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What Vanessa Huxtable From The Cosby Show Looks Like Today

Cover picture for the article"The Cosby Show" – following the life of Bill Cosby's Dr. Cliff Huxtable and his family – is one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. Tempestt Bledsoe was the actor who played Vanessa Huxtable, the fourth child of the Huxtable clan, and although she started modeling at a very young age, the wildly popular sitcom was her "first acting audition," as she told The Grio in 2012. Bledsoe looks back fondly on her time as a Huxtable daughter. "We were brought up on a set that is just incomparable as far as what kind of set you would want kids to be on," she told The Grio. "It was the best set in the world." The actor credits Cosby with guiding her during her youth to avoid the pitfalls of being a child star. "Between him and my mom [Willa, a retired teacher], there were no better examples," she told People in 2011. "The focus was always on having a healthy childhood."

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