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Thousands thought they were getting the Covid vaccine. They were injected with salt water instead


Cover picture for the articleNew Delhi (CNN) — Thousands of people have fallen prey to an elaborate wide-ranging scam selling fake coronavirus vaccines in India, with doctors and medical workers among those arrested for their involvement, authorities say. At least 12 fake vaccination drives were held in or near the financial hub Mumbai, in...

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Brandi Turcios King

Truth is no one really knows what is in these vaccines. Funny how you can't sue either of the 3 companies manufacturing these vaccines if you have complications from the vaccines.


Literally feel like I live in a fever dream everyday. I have no idea what’s going on in this world.

Annette W

No it’s because they didn’t mix the medicine that’s all there is to it. If it’s the Materna and Pfizer vaccine you have to mix it and yes I believe that’s with the so-called salt water but not salt water it’s a potassium water in order for it to work before you get the shot and if they didn’t mix it then and they only gave the water to people that’s on them it’s not on the company. It has nothing to do with the shots it has nothing to do with the government it has to do with that country and the people that are giving out the vaccines! So quit making this out to be more than what it really is!!!


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