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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Final Straw Was Not Being Equal With William—Documentary


Cover picture for the articleMeghan Markle and Prince Harry's "final straw" came when they were denied the right to set up their own household like Prince William, according to a new documentary. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey how they quit royal duties due to a storm of negative press coverage, which they suggested the palace were complicit in.

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Rhonda Warmerdam

They all understood this from birth. It wasn’t until she came that the problems started. William is supposed to be King. Everyone knows this. Everyone but her. She has decided they should be the Royal couple and she is working to try to make it happen. Lying, cheating whatever she has to do to get what she wants is not beyond her ability to do. She will do whatever it takes. It doesn’t matter who it hurts. It’s a shame that she has torn this family apart. Harry was ok with his role in the family until she started making waves. He knew his brother would be King. It was ok until she started picking it away. She methodically tore that family apart. What a shame.

Atanacio Chavez

The worst part is that Harry was fine until Megan needed to stir the pot. She isn’t going to be the next Queen Consort and that burns her crumpets

Jen Hauser

he isnt " equal" William will be king!! Harry never will so of course he will be treated better. be realistic. And Catherine has class Megan just seems bent on being the center of attention even as she claims she doesn't want to be. British live differently than we do especially a royal. I don't think she waa ready for what she got into.


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