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Brock Lesnar Accused Of ‘Assaulting’ Raw Star

Cover picture for the articleThe former WWE star Brock Lesnar had put on some brutal and bloody matches with his opponents in recent memory. Sometimes he ends up hitting his opponents legitimately and similar incident took place during his match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam pay-per-view back in 2016. WWE ‘Botched’ Smackdown Title Change Leaks.

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Kenpo Karate

Why is this news now?. This incident happened maybe a year or more?. Who cares anyways is all a theater and good drama. Why not follow what used to attract me which was chair shots to the head, blood pouring by the gallons. Barb wire matches, cage matches with barb wires. Where’s all the action gone?. All these talents act like a soap on tv nothing more than fake moves and tactics. AEW does the opposite which is lots of blood and real action.


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