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Diana Ross' 8 Grandchildren Look Nothing Alike but Follow Her Footsteps — Meet All of Them


Music legend Diana Ross lived out her youthful years as a history-making singer, and now that she is aging with grace, the star watches as her grandchildren show interest in showbiz.

Diana's Ross, at 77, is one of the most revered music stars and also the beloved matriarch of her household. The star is mom to five celebrity children who have further expanded the family.

Diana has eight grandchildren, who, despite their different looks, have all bonded with her over the love of music and avid interest in the craft. Here's a look through the life of the music-loving brood.


Fans watched Diana play her supermom role with the right amount of expertise as she combined motherhood and her thriving career. These days her kids are grateful for how she raised them as they currently experience parenthood.

Diana's oldest daughter and fellow singer, Rhonda Ross, noted that her mom was the ideal grandmother who combined a level of strictness with sweetness when it comes to her grandbabies.

Diana's eldest grandchild is Bronx Wentz. She had him through her son, Evan Ross's marriage to Ashlee Simpson. Wentz is Simpson's son from an older relationship. The brood expanded when Simspon welcomed two more kids, Jagger and Ziggy.

The "I'm Coming Out" crooner's second oldest grandchild is Raif Rodney. Raif is her grandson from Rhonda. Diana's other grandchildren are Everlee and Callaway Faulkner through her daughter, Chudney Ross.

Lief and Indigo Ross are the sons of Ross Naess, Diana's son from her marriage to Arne Naess Jr. Ross, and his wife, Kimberly Ryan, welcomed the boys in 2016 and 2017, respectively.


While all of Diana's kids are talented and stars in their own rights, it is safe to say that her growing grandchildren have also gleaned her spectacular DNA.

For some years now, the bunch has shown that they do have the singer's entertaining streak. Once on her Instagram page, Diana presented the fantastic moment, Jagger showed her vocal range.

The little girl was filmed in her car seat, enjoying her me-time and showing off her talent. Jagger chose her grandma's 1965 hit song, "Stop In the Name of Love,'' and belted the old-time tune like a pro.


Diana owns the show when she mounts stages, and the evidence has been obvious for decades. However, her grandson Raif proved to be the "show stealer" at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Raif charmed the star-studded audience after music star Alicia Keys passed him the microphone. The youngster mounted the stage and introduced his grandmother like an expert.

Rhonda's son rocked his black curls like a crown and donned a red velvet tuxedo jacket and black slacks. Raif was adorable as he informed Alicia Keys that he was not a "little guy."

He also went on praising his grandma for her outstanding career and her influence in the music world and among youths. The younger then ushered in the red-clad vision that was Diana.

Speaking about this feat, Raif shared in an interview that he was nervous about being on the sterling Grammy Awards stage. It is safe to say that despite this, he delivered his compere job excellently.


The young boy showed his talent range alongside some of his cousins after Diana invited them to the stage during her performance at the American Music Awards.

The singer, who bagged the Lifetime Achievement Award, shone in her black evening dress, and the joy of being a matriarch could be seen written on her face as she introduced her little grandkids to the audience.

While she performed "Ain't No Mountain," Raif, Wentz, and two of her granddaughters danced to the beat. Raif was especially pumped as he flaunted some leg moves.

It is safe to say that Diana enjoys her hard-earned fame, and she also gives the floor to her loved ones. Her award-winning daughter, Tracee Ellis-Ross, once shared that she lived in her mom's embrace rather than her shadow.

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Lisa Bustamante

the best thing about this story is....They all get along.why oh why does it always have to be a race thing.cant it simply be a happy family

Cheryl Rose

She's been married to all but one of her children's fathers. Berry Gordy, her eldest child's father is not just "any man". The beloved founder of Motown, is still her buddy. Have you said the same thing about Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman or any of the other White entertainers who have multiple children with various partners. I'm just bringing it up because you did. They can certainly afford to raise their children without my help and certainly yours. Mind your business and stay in your lane.

Nadine Newberry

ONE BIG H A P P Y FAMILY!!!! I LOVE IT.....This is what love looks like......inclusive of all ethnicities.... I applaude Diana ...GOOD JOB AND THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR MANY TALENTS...What a beautiful family!!! This is what happiness looks like...Diana you are a class act....I really admire you and ALL OF YOUR MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS! GOOD JOB!!! FOR ALL OF THE HATERS OUT THERE...Dont forget the United States is a melting pots...inclusive of all nationalities and races.....For all the haters you need to go back and read your HISTORY BOOKS! Sad we are making flights to different planets etc. and WE'RE STILL TALKING ABOUT RACISM.....sooooo sad!!!!


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