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Woman Brings Her Homeless Ex-husband Home and Learns His Terrible Secret – Subscriber Story

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A woman recognizes her ex-husband now living homeless because of her. She decides to help him by taking him home but learns the truth behind his “hobo story.”. Mary was walking down the street, running her errands for the week. It was a typical Tuesday afternoon in which she usually goes shopping and goes home to prepare dinner and wait for her husband John to join her after work.

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Jay the don

pointless,he lost his house for not cleaning up after himself?The judge said your hose belongs to her after all she does laundry.wgat job did he have that mysteriously sacked him after the house loss?who did he say darling on the phone to?does she have a house she has a phone?to many unanswered questions.this is the boring story of someone in real life who is cleaning up after her man and wishes she could keep his house and find love else where.👎TRY AGAIN

Bill Free

haha my wife let her affair , to a con man bust us up after 28 yrs and 3 kids , told her what he was yet she went along with him .I got all the things together we owned and sold it all .Walked away and watched them lose everything she had left and all he though he had .I stood back with no regrets remarried and watched them go into poverty an both died with nothing .

Naomi mcmillian

like I say an Ex is an ex and I would never entertain the thought of being in any Ex company never that, 😄


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