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Nikki Bella Sends Message To John Cena Wife

Cover picture for the articleWWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella is currently having a happy married life with husband, Artem Chigvintsev. They were blessed with a baby boy, Matteo. But, it is not forgotten how Nikki and wrestler turned actor John Cena had a relationship but it did not work out. Nikki was always...

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Gracie Grazze

its been long enough for Nikki to no longer comment or speak on Cena out of respect for herself and her new relationship

Essme Right

my life isn't perfect nor was it ever. I, like so many other people have a story to tell, and most of it is sad. but people ask me or I sometimes wonder "if I could, would I go back and change anything ". my answer is always no. despite abuse, poverty, and depression my path and my choice to never settle lead me to a man who gave my 3 beautiful boys. children I never thought I'd have. if I changed even one tear or one doubt in my past, I may ended up not taking the interview to the company where I met him at and I would never know my babies. I'm glad John wants children with the woman he loves and nikki (or whatever her name is) is right, people change and situations change. and she didn't have an "uh oh" baby with John, where is may have not worked out. but if they both now found their true loves then they should be happy. and I am happy for them.

I can't believe that

nic is not married, she probably won't marry babys daddy, just had a child to make john jealous, didn't work!!🤣😁🤣


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