White House releases staff salaries showing narrowed gender pay gap

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The White House on Thursday released its annual staff report to Congress, revealing the salaries of scores of West Wing employees.

In an accompanying fact sheet, the White House said that a majority of its staff — 60 percent — are women and about 44 percent come from racially or ethnically diverse communities. The White House also said that among senior staff, 56 percent are women and 36 percent are from racially or ethnically diverse communities.

White House employees who are male make just slightly more than their female counterparts, with men earning $94,639 on average annually and women earning $93,752 on average annually, the White House said.

The executive branch has been required to submit a report to Congress listing titles and salaries for each White House staffer since 1995.

Among the highest earners in the Biden White House are chief of staff Ron Klain , deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon, economic adviser Brian Deese , senior adviser Mike Donilon , counselor Steve Ricchetti , legislative affairs director Lousia Terrell, press secretary Jen Psaki , and senior adviser Neera Tanden . All of them make the maximum annual salary of $180,000.

During the first year of former President Trump ’s term, the average salary paid to female White House employees was $21,000 less than than what was paid to male employees. The gap was larger when comparing the median salaries, according to a study conducted by the American Enterprise Institute at the time. The gender pay gap during the last year of the Obama administration was 11 percent, less than during the Trump years but more than the current Biden administration figures.

The Biden White House says it took steps to ensure that employees are paid the same for equal work, including by establishing pay bands for job descriptions to ensure those doing similar work are paid the same regardless of race or gender.

Biden in his first six months has put a priority on hiring staff that is diverse in terms of gender, race and ethnicity. The White House has also taken steps to advance equity through its domestic policies, particularly after the coronavirus pandemic worsened racial gaps and exacerbated gender inequality.

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