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‘Beverly Hillbillies’ Star Battled with Alzheimer’s Towards End of Show
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While “The Beverly Hillbillies” remains one of classic TV’s popular shows, one of its stars was dealing with Alzheimer’s disease near its end. Raymond Bailey played banker Milburn Drysdale throughout the show’s nine-season run on CBS. According to IMDB, in some of his final scenes, there’s evidence of the disease’s advancement. Bailey reportedly wasn’t able to work anymore after 1975 in show business, according to The Life and Times of Hollywood. He only stayed in touch with one cast member, Nancy Kulp, who played his secretary, Jane Hathaway, in the series.

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plugs is an idiot

One of the greatest, most creative shows ever. Unbelievably written and expertly acted. Like Andy Griffith, it remains timeless and indelible. Back when TV was entertaining and family oriented. When families sat in a den and could watch TV together.

Denise Osborne

Oh, so sad. Did not know this. I still thank him and whole cast for such a good show. He was great in it. Best regards.

The sleastack...

you can see his decline the last season of the series....Shirley Booth of the Hazel show was chronically sick the last season of her show too. You can see the difference.


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