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Shannon Beador Drops A Big Update On Her Relationship With John

Cover picture for the articleLove has not always been easy for Shannon Beador, and fans have seen the reality star's bitter divorce play out on camera on Shannon's hit Bravo show, "The Real Housewives of Orange County." After separating in October 2017, Shannon filed divorce papers in December the same year, making her split from David Beador official. She and David share three children together — Sophie, Stella and Adeline. Viewers saw many of the ups and downs of their relationship during the early years of Shannon's stint on the show, including David's infidelity (via People). And we have been there with her through all of the tears and frustration. In fact, we even ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's ourselves to help ease the pain.

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How can he tolerate her anxiety? Always wringing her hands about some self absorbed issue. Exhausting!

sick of today’s society

Wow, can’t blame him if he leaves. She’s very high strung about everything. It’s exhausting to watch.


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