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Lakers’ Dennis Schroder expecting $100M-plus after Magic Johnson insult

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleLos Angeles Lakers point guard Dennis Schroder wants to get paid handsomely when he hits free agency this summer. Teams may not agree to his fee. “Dennis Schroder has communicated this clearly: he wants $100-$120 million – which he will probably also get – and this sum insured cannot be insured on the normal market at the moment,” vice president of the German Basketball Federation Armin Andres said on Abteilung Basketball podcast, as translated by

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Garry Tate

After recently finding out Lou Williams has NEVER made 10mil a year in his career Dennis wanting 100mil he must be trying to sign a 15-16 year contract Ijs

michael coleman

magic is trying to hurt another black man just to make it possible for the Lakers to sign him cheaper. this is disgusting and pathetic . these players should get every cent they can so they can retire by 40. they give a lot to charity and their community and make these franchises worth billions. owners are billionaires and there's there's cap so why would someone not employed anymore by the team try and devalue a young black man. get yo money man

Elmer E Chavarria

He is delusional he is worth Mid level veteran salary he is not worth not even 10mil a year


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