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Bobby Lashley ‘Gone’ On Raw For Bad Reason

Cover picture for the articleBobby Lashley is the biggest star on Raw at this point in time. It’s very odd that we didn’t see him on the recent showing of WWE Raw. Why could this be? Could something deeper be going on within the company that has Lashley possibly on the way out of the company? With WWE firing stars left and right, we really hope that Lashley didn’t just make the list…AEW Top Star ‘Burns Bridge’ With WWE.

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Felicia Latten

MVP is only relevant when he's walking behind a champion, just like Paul Heyman. Bobby Lashley has skill but his time will be up soon then where will those women and MVP be 🤷‍♀️

Jim Wiltbank

all the women around him hanging and pawing on a black man are tramps and will do anything for a dollar and a little fame.

Michael Barajas

it's about time they fired Bobby lashley he's just joking that has been he should have never been champion it's about time they set things right strip that belt bring back the real heavyweight championship or the world title and make a tournament like WrestleMania 4 because having Bobby lashley as a champion should have never been


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