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Kyle Schwarber goes bombs away as Cubs owner Tom Ricketts counts the pennies he saved by letting him go

Cover picture for the articleKyle Schwarber has hit 15 home runs in his last 16 games. Fifteen homers is a lot in 16 games, which is 10% of a season. Prorated over an entire season, Schwarber would total an astronomical 150 home runs. That’s a more slow-pitch softball number of dingers than baseball. Schwarber’s success pleases me because he is a really nice guy and graduate of Indiana University. That the former Chicago Cub is doing all this damage since June 12th as a Washington National has me more than a little disturbed.

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Jacob Marley

It’s great to see, love it. The cubs have the highest average ticket prices in all of MLB. Next off season they’ll raise them some more. And the lemmings, I mean fans, will stream into the seats. Rebuilding without Bryant, Baez and maybe even Rizzo. Enjoy cubbie fans.


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