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Kevin Federline Breaks Silence On Ex Britney Spears' Conservatorship, Says He Wants Baby Mama To Be 'Healthy And Happy': Lawyer

Ok Magazine

Cover picture for the articleKevin Federline has broken his silence regarding his thoughts on ex-wife and baby mama Britney Spears' controversial conservatorship after she begged the court last week to be released from the control of her father and conservator, Jamie Spears. Article continues below advertisement. In light of the "Lucky" singer's jaw-dropping speech...

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Carolyn Bratton

The low life Kevin Federline is part of Britney's problem. He has taken advantage of her status while bleeding her for the excessive child support He just needs to shut his mouth.

Infamous Prime

Just imagine your Parents still controlling your every move at 40yrs old even though you are the Breadwinner...It's been overdue for Brittney to get her life back. It's Sad that the Government snatched her Rights away from her and allowed her Dad to get full control for this long.


Oh Kevin. Are we supposed to believe you want this conservatorship dissolved? Brittany would come for joint custody & reduction in child support. & I think America has heard your silence as Brittany's suffering has gone on over the years. Were you supportive. I guess if dragging her back to court for an increase in child support is supportive then sure I guess you have been. Not. Check it; Kev, get a job. Get your grubby hands out of hermoney and stop the fake oh I care. When you refused to let her see her boys after she begged and used that as leverage against her is all people need to know. Hear that: Tic toc...your bank access is about to expire. hahahaha 🤣


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