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Britney Spears is 'driving the cheapest car known to mankind,' but what is it?

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleBritney Spears is currently enjoying a Hawaiian vacation with her boyfriend Sam Asghari after days of bombshell revelations from her recent conservatorship hearing. The performer has been posting Instagram videos from her Maui hideaway, including one of her dancing in a red bikini and high heels that elicited a "LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE QUEEN" response from "Jersey Shore" star Snookie.

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Monique Johnson

yall are missing the point. she is worth 80 million and on such a tight budget that she is driving a Toyota. Meanwhile her father pays himself 16k a month and probably drives something nicer. Even her lawyer gets paid more than she does. it's not fair.

Casey Johnston

I can't even afford the cheapest car. smdh 😓 I still drive a 1999 Ford mustang v6 with over 216,000 miles on it. and it's got issues that need fixed. I'm constantly fixing it because I can't afford a new or used car on $751 a month on disability. FML

Olympia Velasco

I make a good living yet I refuse to buy an expensive car... why?? so it becomes a target to theft? And i have outrageous insurance costs? Nope. I'm happy with my Hyundai. It get me to and from my destination. That's it. lol... I laugh at those that need to flaunt their monetary dollar value.


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