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Jennifer Hudson's Ex-fiancé David Otunga Reveals He 'Feels Very Loved' & Shares New Pics with His Son


Jennifer Hudson's ex-fiance, David Otunga, celebrated Father's Day with their son David Jr. and took to Instagram to share snapshots of some lovely moments. It was amazing.

American actor David Otunga is the ex-fiancé of popular singer Jennifer Hudson. The former lovebirds are co-parents to their 11-year-old son, David Daniel Otunga Jr.

Although Hudson was very hesitant in allowing Otunga to spend some time with David after their separation, it appears something has changed, with the father-son pair spending quality time.

Recently, Otunga took to Instagram to share snapshots of himself and his son during the just concluded Father's Day celebrations. He gave the post a caption that read:

"My son and nieces and nephews made sure I had the best #fathersday ever! David baked me two cakes! I feel very loved. Thank you, guys!"

In the first picture, the 41-year-old looked dapper in a red sleeveless top, revealing his well-built arm. The father-of-one topped off his look with a matching cap.

The former professional wrestler posed side by side with his son, who was clad in a black short-sleeved top. Otunga looked like the perfect dad as he placed his hand over his junior's shoulder.

The next picture saw the proud dad and his 11-year-old son posing with a beautifully decorated cake. The duo were all smiles as they looked very happy in the snapshot.

[Hudson] filed a petition against [Otunga] on the grounds of mental and physical abuse towards her and her son.

The third slide was a short clip that featured the "The Call" actor taking a slice of the cake. In the video, David Jr. could be heard saying his dad gets to have the first slice of cake.

The last four images showed Otunga celebrating the occasion in grand style with other family members. They wore lovely smiles and appeared to be enjoying the amazing moment.

It remains every father's dream to celebrate special moments with family, and the on-screen star is not an exception. In 2017, Otunga celebrated Father's Day by making a movie with his son.

Speaking to Muscle and Fitness, the actor revealed the plan to make a movie started as an idea from his son as a birthday gift to him. However, what began as an idea transformed into reality, and David Jr. loved every bit of it.

Spending quality time with his son after his breakup with Hudson has been a top priority for Otunga. In 2019, he got his wish after reaching a custody agreement with his ex to share 50/50 custody of their son.

Otunga and Hudson ended their relationship in 2017 after ten years. The latter filed a petition against the former on the grounds of mental and physical abuse towards her and her son.

After a series of court battles for two years, the duo came to an agreement and have been the best parents to their son since.

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Diane Glenn

Inspite of Jennifer and David not marrying. I'm glad they've maintained a respectful friendship to benefit their son David Jr. and Its important for father and son to have a close loving ❤ relationship..God bless them all!!


I'm often wonder what happened between them. It's nice he has a good relationship with their son.

deni GiYo

The Best to them all ESPECIALLY the relationship the son has with BOTH parents! 👏


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