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Brian Austin Green Shares Rare Family Photo with All 4 Kids, 3 of Whom Are Gender Neutral

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Recently, acclaimed actor Brian Austin Green shared a rare picture to social media of himself and his four children, three of whom he raised as gender-neutral. As part of Father's Day celebrations, devoted father Brian Austin Green marked the occasion with an adorable Instagram picture of the individuals that make life meaningful to him — his children.

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Michigan born and bred

Listen- I’m down for whatever you find yourself attracted to. Don’t care. You do you not doing this gender neutral thing to children that don’t even understand is ridiculous. Raise them as the sex they were born. If they get older and decide they are attracted to the same sex or feel like they are more girl than boy, then address what’s right to do. Putting these ideas in the heads of kids that don’t understand is wrong. It causes

But, did you die?!

He don't know the sex of 3 of his kids? Maybe needs to ask the Dr who delivered them. The gender at birth is there gender. No exceptions.

Sheri Allen

Why would any parent do that to their child? That is psychologically confusing a child, they are growing up not knowing who or what they are. Growing up and trying to figure things out during adolescence is confusing enough, but throwing this emotional abuse into the mix is child abuse. He should be helping his children not making their childhood more confusing and difficult, this is horrible.


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