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How The Los Angeles Lakers Can Create A Superteam: 5 Perfect Targets

Cover picture for the articleThe disappointing first-round exit by the Los Angeles Lakers has many implications. For starters, it exposed the team’s need to stay healthy. Despite bringing veteran role players to the team in Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell, and Marc Gasol, the star power was not enough when Anthony Davis was injured. With...

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Stephen Thompson

without pippen and the other guys was on that team Jordan wouldn't have won six rings not hating on him Jordan and the other guys on the bulls was my team but yeah he probably trying to get more rings but not just for himself but for other guys that they get on the Lakers that never got a chance to have one from team they got draft to and one got to to look at what he doing for people and kids giving back building school and everything nothing against Jordan but do you see him doing that no he just bring out the same shoes and get richer off of them and if that what the GM and company of the Lakers want do it other teams just got to do the same to bit them to be the man you got to bit the better man but if you can't do it the first time keep trying or join them 😉🤔

emcop ksmith

queen lebron still not enough to him to be the greatest queen ever while he's still need some help he already have Davis, Drummond, the best center in NBA plus schroder 😅😂

Ray Cade

boy I tell yauh Bron is nothing like Mike he needs other allstars to help him win dont even say Mike did that Pippen grew into what he was by playing with Mike Bron is a bum get rid of Davis he will never make the playoff again.


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