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Britney’s Dad Is Officially Resigning as Her Conservator—Here’s How Much He Made From Her

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Since Britney Spears’ conservatorship started in 2008, #FreeBritney supporters have wondered what Jamie Spears‘ net worth is and how much he made from his daughter before formally stepping down as her conservator. Britney’s conservatorship was created in February 2008 after her divorce from Kevin Federline and a series of events that led to her hospitalization in January 2008. Britney and Kevin, who share sons Jayden James and Sean Preston, finalized their divorce in July 2007. Six months later, Britney was admitted into a drug rehabilitation center. The next day, she was photographed shaving her head with electronic clippers. In January 2008,...

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Lori Lucia

This should never have been allowed to happen let alone go on for so long. Cut him off completely and hopefully she will be able to press charges and get some of her money/assets back . What a loser to abuse her this way . And sorry but that goes for anyone around her that could have done something to help her

Janice Webb Poolson

If a woman has rights to her body, why is he allowed to force birth control on her??? He wants her able to work 7 days a week, pitiful father.

Aleksandra Kownacka Stolley

This is ridiculous.. if a judge came see why her father wound not want her free from his control.. follow the money.. she’s a grown woman.. she’s made mistakes, and now she’s older, we hope, wiser and should have the right to control her own life., put a stop to this entitled father..


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