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Britney Spears' Father and Sister Are Both in Hot Water — Here's Why

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Musical legend Britney Spears appeared in court after 13 years of silence to reveal shocking details about her current reality. The biggest and perhaps most distressing part is that it appears that the suffering she says she faces in her conservatorship is primarily due to the severe control of her father, Jamie Spears. Although Jamie Spears is not her only conservator, it's been speculated for years that he is the primary decision-maker in the situation.

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Many many people live with mental illness! And the do it well. I think they should give her a trial period, if she does well, give her something back, keep doing it until she is on her own. Her dad definitely needs booted out! The point of a conswrvitorship is to do it until they can regain control, not to control them for life.

Tajai Calip

The truth is when you have money, is due money, or is born into money. Some Controllers will do everything to make you appear that you are out of control to have what is yours when they are not in more control of life than you are in many cases and should be arrested for illegally holding your money.

cheryl baphone

Look, I get that she feels capable of doing for herself, but you look into her eyes and can clearly see that she is not well, she looks manic in most of the ones I have seen. She did drugs, and she is also on prescribed medication that affect her mental acuity to make her bipolar manic and depression highs and lows less disparate. I think that allowing her dad to have so much control is wrong because he's had legal problems himself. I don't know what the best answer is for her, but I sure do pray for someone to love her enough to take some of her dad's power away from him and listen to what she wants to do with her life.


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