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Scottie Pippen Tells Stephen A. Smith LeBron James Won NBA Title Without Help

Bleacher Report

Cover picture for the articleChicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen expressed a controversial opinion regarding LeBron James on Friday. Pippen took to Twitter and tweeted to ESPN First Take host Stephen A. Smith that LeBron "won a championship without any help." Smith emphatically shot down Pippen's notion in response:. Stephen A Smith @stephenasmith. With all...

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the land 216

Not a Lebron fan. No one man can win a title by himself. But Lebron came as close as possible. Being from The Land I watched that year. When he took a few minutes on the bench that team would CONSISTENTLY blow 5,10,12 point leads. It's like they thought they were on break also. Lebron earned that championship. I actually felt bad for him that year and forgave him for leaving Cleveland like he did. That being said,Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T.🤘

Mark Simmons

Jordan got his titles with one team.They built up strong without having to get superstars.


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