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Deborah Roberts shares family's Southern potato salad recipe

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Gathering around a dinner table with tried and true dishes made from simple ingredients that have spanned borders and generations is what soul food is all about.

In honor of Juneteenth, Black chefs and cooks dished up some classic Southern recipes to recreate in a home kitchen.
ABC News - PHOTO: ABC News' Deborah Roberts made her mother's potato salad in honor of Juneteenth.

ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts said she vividly remembers her mom Ruth Roberts' Southern potato salad from her childhood in Georgia.

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Check out Roberts' full recipe below and make a batch with friends and family for picnics or as a side dish any day of the week.

Ruth Roberts' Southern Potato Salad
ABC News - PHOTO: Deborah Roberts' homemade Southern-style potato salad.


4 large potatoes (Idaho)

2 eggs

1/3 cups pickle relish

1 tablespoon mustard

1/2 cup mayo

2 teaspoons pimentos

1 tablespoon finely chopped onions

1 tablespoon chopped celery

Dash of salt and pepper


Peel potatoes and cut into cubes. Boil for 10 minutes or until soft but not mushy. Add mayo and mustard and stir until creamy. Toss in other ingredients. Chop up one egg and mix.

Transfer to a serving bowl and slice second egg on top as decor.

Sprinkle with a dusting of paprika and chill for a couple of hours.

Recipe courtesy of Deborah Roberts and her mama.

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