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Devastated wife breaks down after heartless thieves ransacked her home and even stole her FRONT DOOR as she cared for her dying husband

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Daily Mail
Daily Mail

A mother-of-five has broken down in tears as she recalled her torment at discovering thieves had ransacked her farmhouse while she was away caring for her dying husband in palliative care.

Jennifer Gow was at husband Jeff's bedside at a hospice in Toowoomba when their farm of 16 years near Millmerran on Queensland's Darling Downs was robbed by criminals who stole irreplaceable family heirlooms.

The thieves also ripped out the kitchen's stovetops, took her front door off its hinges, and removed the property's water tanks and fences.

The break-in was discovered on Monday but thought to have happened on Saturday or Sunday.

Ms Gow said at first she could not bring herself to give the bad news to her husband, who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer earlier this year and had only days to live.
Jennifer Gow was at her husband Jeff's bedside at a hospice in Toowoomba when her home of 16 years was targeted by criminals who stole irreplaceable photos
The thieves ripped out the kitchen's stove tops, took her front door of its hinges and removed the property's water tanks and fences

'I'm here with my dying husband. We're finding it hard enough to deal with. We've only had a short period of time,' Ms Gow said through tears on Sunrise.

'It has been really hard. We're just trying to take it in. To think that someone would do such a thing when we are basically a small community so a lot of the people knew why I was here in Toowoomba with my husband Jeff and my kids.'

Ms Gow was already struggling to meet the cost of a $450-per-week rental home in Toowoomba where she and her family had moved to be close to to Jeff in his final days.

'I didn't want him to know (about the robbery) because he didn't have very long,' she said.

'We were sitting by the phone last night expecting a phone call from the hospital. We did everything together.

'Jeff was only diagnosed four months ago and it will be his last days any day now.'

Ms Gow had arranged for friend Shontelle Parras to look in on the farm every few days while she was away in Toowoomba.

She discovered the break-in on Monday and said it must have happened on Saturday evening or Sunday, and was infuriated by the theft.

'You would have to be a pig, an absolute pig - they do not care,' Ms Parras told the Toowoomba Chronicle.

'They've destroyed 25 years worth of a life.

'It's absolutely heartless, cold and callous.'

Then came the grim task of breaking the news to Ms Gow who was preparing the family for a trip to SeaWorld to honour her husband's dying wish to see the ocean before he died.

'I just broke down, I couldn't believe it,' Ms Gow told the Chronicle.

'I'm happy to give anybody anything - come and ask me and I'll help you out.

'That wasn't enough apparently, they decided they needed to take everything.'

Ms Gow said she hopes local police can find the heartless thieves responsible for the crime.

'There has been some leads. I've sort of left that in the hands of the police,' she said.

The local community rallied around the Gow family and created a GofundMe account, with $5,000 raised so far.
Ms Gow said her and her family moved to Toowoomba and rented the home so they could be close to Jeff in his final days

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