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Detroit, MI

Metro Detroit police officer put on leave after allegedly spewing racist comments on Facebook

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By Ashanti Lee Seabron

(WAYNE COUNTY, Mich.) On Tuesday, Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer announced that a Warren police officer has been placed on leave for allegedly making racist comments on Facebook, The Detroit News reports.

According to Dwyer, the unidentified officer allegedly made the remarks on his personal Facebook profile while he was off-duty.

Per Click On Detroit, the officer's racist comments were discovered after they were allegedly used in a war of words against a woman named Tamia Brooks on Facebook. The comments enraged Brooks to such a degree that she performed an online search and discovered that the man she had argued with on Facebook worked for the Warren Police Department.

In the post, the officer allegedly claimed the following:

  • Black people are the most racist in the world
  • [Black people] are all lost
  • Black on Black crime is beyond repair
  • Black men don’t support their children
  • Said that he was glad he wasn’t born Black because he’d kill himself

After her discovery, Brooks screenshotted the officer's online comments and sent them to the Warren Police Department on Monday morning.

Dwyer said the department is investigating the allegations, and also issued a statement regarding the situation.

The Warren Police Department does not condone the use of racist comments by any employees, whether on duty or off duty," the commissioner said in a statement. "Statements like this erode civilian trust and confidence in the police department and are not tolerated. This allegation is serious and will be thoroughly investigated in accordance with Warren Police Department procedures and the officer’s collective bargaining agreement. The alleged views expressed by the officer do not align with mission, goals, and philosophy of the Warren Police Department and in no way reflect on the views of the 200 plus members of the Warren Police Department."

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