Greta Thunberg slams G7 for prioritising ‘steak-and-lobster-BBQ-celebration’ over the climate crisis

Thunberg slammed the G7 world leaders (REUTERS)

Greta Thunberg has brutally mocked the G7 for having a “steak and lobster” celebration while watching “jet planes perform aerobatics” during their summit this weekend.

Posting on Twitter, the climate activist suggested the world leaders priorities were somewhat off kilter, given the “rapidly escalating” climate crisis.

She said:

It comes after a busy few days for world leaders who have been pontificating and pledging about the issues of the day. The G7 nations agreed to step up action on climate change and renewed a pledge to raise $100bn a year to help poor countries cut emissions after they missed the 2020 target, in part, due to the coronavirus pandemic, and committed to keeping the projected global temperature rise to 1.5C.

But not everyone was pleased by their announcement. Catherine Pettengell, director at Climate Action Network, told Reuters news agency: “We had hoped that the leaders of the world’s richest nations would come away from this week having put their money their mouth is.”

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson faced criticism after he arrived at Cornwall for the summit - a place accessible by train or car - in a private jet.

An after he put on a show for with a Red Arrows flyby pumping out paint in the colours of the UK flag as they swooped in formation over the clear blue Cornish, climate activists were baffled:

Thunberg added:

Withering, to say the least.

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Why does anyone publish what a child with no life experience thinks about anything? The only thing she should be “slamming” is a skateboard.


I pity her; really. She’s a child whose parents and other adults have used her to promote their screwball opinions. I just hope they’re sharing the wealth with her.

Ronnie Kaye

her parents need to be investigated,that little girl has to much hate and fear mongering in her.she clearly was not raised right


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