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EU countries agree to ease summer travel curbs so fully vaccinated tourists can avoid tests or quarantines... but not British holidaymakers

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Daily Mail
Daily Mail
 3 days ago

EU countries have agreed to ease summer travel restrictions that will allow fully vaccinated tourists to avoid tests or quarantines – but not British holidaymakers.

People who have been fully vaccinated for 14 days should be able to travel freely from one EU country to another, according to a proposal approved by ambassadors from the 27 members.

Restrictions for other travellers should be based on the degree to which the country they are coming from has coronavirus infections under control.
EU leaders have agreed a system of Covid passports allowing fully vaccinated citizens to travel this summer
British people have not been included in the EU scheme due to the growing threat of the Indian variant

Thanks to the spread of the Indian variant, that means the UK is currently off the list of approved countries.

The guidelines come as the EU introduces Covid certificates which will show whether a person is vaccinated, has had the virus or had a recent negative test. The system is set to be ready by July 1, although some countries will launch certificates earlier.

Non-EU members of the Schengen zone, such as Iceland and Norway, will also be able to take advantage of the scheme.