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Pulaski County, KY

Trial of Wallace and Baldock begins Monday

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Commonwealth Journal
Commonwealth Journal
 7 days ago

The trial of Pulaski County Constables Michael “Wally” Wallace and Gary Baldock is set to begin Monday morning in U.S. District Court in London.

According to court documents, the constables’ joint trial is expected to last eight days.

Wallace and Baldock are charged with Conspiracy Against Civil Rights and Possesssion With Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine. The charges stem from an FBI investigation that was conducted in September of 2019.

An FBI memo stated that an undercover FBI agent was placed under surveillance by multiple federal agents in the parking lot of the Somerset Mall, while an “anonymous tip” was called into Constable Wallace’s tip line, claiming that the man was a possible drug trafficker.

The court document states that Wallace and Baldock approached the vehicle, “immediately removed” the undercover agent from his vehicle, and handcuffed him.

The constables then began to search the vehicle with Wallace’s K-9, Rowdy.

Wallace “claimed the dog ‘hit on the driver’s door. The dog, however, simply circled the vehicle,” the prosecution memo states.

The U.S. claims that the constables called in Burnside police officer Eric Thomas, who conducted a field sobriety test and determined that the suspect showed no signs of intoxication.

While no drugs were located in the vehicle, a key to a motel room was. The constables transported the undercover agent to the motel and secured a search warrant for that room.

The U.S. states that warrant was obtained based on fraudulent information provided by Wallace. “The affidavit states that Wallace was given the hotel room number by the informant who provided the tip (false), observed a vehicle approach the agent’s car and then quickly leave following a short meeting (false), and that he observed a change in behavior in the driver’s behavior during questioning (false – the agent was immediately removed from the vehicle with no questioning).”

It goes on to say that Baldock asked for Officer Thomas’ advice on how to write a citation “if someone were to be properly arrested for public intoxication,” then wrote a citation based on that advice.

Both Wallace and Baldock have maintained their innocence in this case. On Friday, Wallace’s attorney, Robert Norfleet, reinterated that position for his client.

“Constable Wallace is excited for the jury trial and he fully expects to be exonerated,” Norfleet stated. “He is excited to show the community the only thing he was guilty of was working extremely hard to carry out the constitutional requirements of his office. Despite false assertions and propaganda otherwise, Constable Wallace was a well-trained law enforcement officer and a certified drug detection canine officer.

“Unlike other local law enforcement agencies, Constable Wallace did not deflect and dismiss the concerns of citizens that had the courage to step forward and share valid information about illegal drug trafficking in our community. Working hand and hand with the law abiding citizens of Pulaski County, Constable Wallace was able to lawfully arrest numerous predatory drug dealers. The trial will show that law enforcement agencies created the false allegations against Constable Wallace.

“If the same law enforcement agencies were as dedicated to investigating illegal drug trafficking in Pulaski County as they are to defaming and smearing Constable Wallace’s reputation, our community would be a much safer and better place.”

This trial is only for the shared charges that Wallace and Baldock face. A separate trial is scheduled for July in which Baldock is to face additional charges of Attempted Murder of a Federal Agent and Discharge of a Firearm During and in Relation to a Crime of Violence.

Those charges stem from an incident that took place on March 6, 2020, in which Baldock reportedly exchanged gunfire with FBI agents as those agents attempted to arrest Baldock. Both Baldock and an FBI agent were wounded.

Baldock has pleaded not guilty to those charges as well.