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Ridgefield, CT

Ridgefield High School Valedictorian Addresses Class of 2021
 8 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThis afternoon, RHS Class of 2021 Valedictorian Kenneth Choi spoke to fellow graduates at the 150th Annual Ridgefield High School Commencement. Here's what he had to say:. One cold morning this past March, I was sitting comfortably on my desk chair, having just woken up in time for my first-period class. I logged into Google Meet, ready for another day of online school. Not 15 minutes into the first lesson, the fire alarm suddenly rang, the sound blaring out of my speakers. My teacher left the Google Meet open while they escorted the students out of the classroom, leaving us virtual kids awkwardly staring at each other. Although it disrupted the lesson, the fire alarm served as comic relief and brightened up our day, which would be spent staring at a computer screen.