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Lima, OH

Allen Lima Leadership chooses community impact winner

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The Lima News
The Lima News
 13 days ago
Team Revitalize project leaders Willow Lowery and Dana Addis Trevor Hubert | The Lima News

LIMA — Allen Lima Leadership (ALL) held their community impact presentations for their final class of 2021 on Friday. The winning proposal, which is selected by a panel of local leaders, went to Team Revitalize, which is looking to bring a “restaurant week” to the city of Lima in the near future.

Other Ohio cities have seen success in the food tourism realm, with cities like Findlay and Toledo hosting their own type of events in recent years, and the winning project hopes to bring that same success to Lima.

For having the winning project, Team Revitalize will be awarded a $2,500 grant from United Way to bring the vision of restaurant week to life. Much of that funding will be used to promote the event as the idea becomes more of a reality. Team Revitalize plans to work with locally-owned restaurants and Visit Greater Lima to grow the event once it takes off.

Team leaders Willow Lowery and Dana Addis are both excited to get the project moving as soon as possible.

“Our group put a lot of effort into planning, and now we’re going to work on the implementation part of it,” Addis said. “We’re going to get the group together to create a survey to send out to the restaurant owners and see when we can get a timeframe of when we can get it started.”

For Lowery, having the winning project is great, but she knows that the work of Allen Lima Leadership as a whole is just as important.

“It’s a program embedded in the community to help invest in local leaders and provide a networking platform,” she said. “Those leaders can work with other leaders of the community and ultimately build a stronger community.”

ALL Executive Director Matthew Childers shared a similar sentiment about what he has seen from this ALL class in particular.

“What today was all about was that opportunity to put all of those things into practice and to have teamwork and leadership,” he said. “To put that into practice and then serve our community.”

Team Revitalize will present their restaurant week project again in September to the incoming ALL class and to community stakeholders.