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Pedroca’s Burguer

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The Infatuation
The Infatuation
 10 days ago
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Pedroca’s Burguer originally started as an Instagram account where founder Pedro could share his homemade take on Brazilian burgers and hotdogs. After it began to generate more interest within the local community, he went into business with the owners of Roma Specialty Pizza where he now shares a kitchen and communal dining space. Pedroca’s standard burger starts off with lettuce, tomato, and the usual condiments before receiving a serving of corn and fried potato sticks. But the burgers only get more stacked as you go down the menu, with their ‘X Raposão’ coming with two patties, cheese, bacon, ham, fried sausage, shredded chicken, corn, potato sticks, lettuce, tomato, and even a fried egg. In other words, come very hungry. My go-to is the X-Bacon, which is a bacon cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, tomato, corn, and crispy potato sticks. Add creamy catupiry cheese if you want to upgrade this super modest and totally not-intimidating sandwich. Brazilian hotdogs are available on Wednesdays and also range from simple to a mountainous display of food with toppings like mashed potatoes, ground beef, and shredded chicken. And for any plant-based people in your life, Pedroca’s happily grills up vegetarian and vegan alternatives as well.