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Reading, MA

A Senior Profile: Ella Ramos
 8 days ago

Cover picture for the articleElla Ramos has been a constant presence of kindness and compassion. Since attending Sawyer Preschool, Joshua Eaton, Parker and then RMHS, Ella has made an impact on the Reading community. Her dedication to others and her selflessness is what makes her an incredible friend, classmate and student. Teachers often share that her presence in the classroom is essential. She embodies what it means to be a good person. Her love of writing and art drives her incredible work as the editor of the RMHS Orbit, through which she has also helped so many other students find their voice. Her work has been recognized by many and is such a great accomplishment. She also spent many hours dedicating her time to volunteering and making a lasting impact on the community. To many, she is an amazing friend, student and classmate. She will always be remembered for her impact on RMHS.