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Pupils revolt over school uniform rules as girl, 13, is told off for showing 'too much ankle' in trousers that the school provided her with

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Daily Mail
Daily Mail
 11 days ago

Pupils have been revolting over the strict school uniform rules imposed at their school after a student was told her trousers showed 'too much ankle' - despite the school providing them.

Lucy Daniels, 35, said her daughter Hayley, 13, who attends John Of Gaunt School in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, was put in isolation for her trousers which were provided for her by the school over lockdown when the shops were closed.

Ms Daniels, from Trowbridge, said: 'It's getting beyond a joke now.

'The trousers she's wearing are ones the school provided for her because at the time we were still in lockdown and I could not go out and buy her any.
Lucy Daniels (pictured with daughter), 35, said her daughter Hayley, 13, was told her trousers showed 'too much ankle' 

'She still wears the trousers to this day and still continues to get in isolation for the trousers the school provided.'

Ms Daniels claims teachers are applying the policy inconsistently with one allowing the trousers and another saying they are unacceptable.

Elsewhere, another furious parent Lou Gover, 42, was told her daughter's legs were 'too big' for the trousers she was wearing and John Of Gaunt School would keep her in isolation until she bought new ones.

'My 14-year-old daughter was sent to isolation on Monday for wearing trousers that were apparently too tight,' she said.

'It's ridiculous. We were told the trousers were fine a month ago but today the same trousers are not acceptable.

'The teacher told my daughter her legs were too big for that style of trouser. She's only been wearing them for over a month after we had to buy new ones in April.

'They told me they would have to keep her in isolation until they were replaced. I told them I would keep her off school.

'I have been offered a refund and have spoken to the head about comments made by teachers.

'This has gone on for months and caused a lot of stress where different teachers have different rules. It's all costly and stressful for parents and the children.'
The school uniform policy at John Of Gaunt School in Trowbridge has been branded inconsistent by parents. The school reportedly provided Hayley with trousers over lockdown when shops were closed
Headteacher Paul Kipp, at John Of Gaunt School in Trowbridge, said that they uphold high standards including with their uniform policy

Angry parents have now said the policy on school trousers is 'ridiculous' and 'inconsistent' at John Of Gaunt School in Trowbridge, with different teachers making specific demands.

It comes after St Martin's School, in Caerphilly, South Wales banned skirts, after headteacher Lee Jarvis said he was fed up of girls wearing them too short.

Parents who had bought skirts as part of the uniform were furious, saying it was 'unfair' to penalise everyone.

Headteacher Paul Skipp said the school has high standards and expectations which includes consistency in their approach to upholding the uniform policy.

He said: 'Before half term we wrote to parents on four separate occasions reminding them that all students are required to be in full uniform. We are delighted that virtually all students adhered to the policy as they returned from half term.

'Parents of a small minority of children not in school uniform were contacted, they swiftly supported by bringing in the correct uniform whilst their children remained learning. By the end of the first day all students were fully complying with the policy.

'As a school we have recognised the economic difficulties of the pandemic and offered to provide uniforms or reimburse any parent who is experiencing financial challenges, as we have done on many occasions.

'We would like to thank our parents for their continued support.'

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