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Crypto-currency guru, 33, was going 141mph in a 45MPH zone in Lamborghini in Las Vegas when he slammed into moped and killed its driver and has now been released on $750K bail

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Daily Mail
Daily Mail
 12 days ago
Andrew James Rodriguez, 33, of El Paso, was arrested after hitting and killing a moped driver in Las Vegas on June 5

A 33-year old cryptocurrency investor who calls himself a 'multi six-figure earner' was driving a Lamborghini at 141mph in a 45mph zone when he hit and killed a moped driver in Las Vegas.

Andrew James Rodriguez bragged in a video posted to Facebook the night before the fatal accident of the big night out he and his friends were going to have celebrating his birthday.

The next night, he'd killed someone when slamming a Lamborghini - which he didn't own, according to reports - into a 58-year-old on a moped.

'We are kings of the desert, ay!' he said on a balcony overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, which he was visiting from El Paso, Texas, where he lives, according to police. 'My birthday bash, guys, is gonna be lit-ty!'

He has since been released on $750,000 bail.

On the video, Rodriguez boasts about the riches he says he'd gained through cryptocurrency trading as he walks through a multi-level, lavish apartment that he'd apparently rented for the weekend.

'Oh my god, dude, this is insane in the membrane,' he said on the video tour of the apartment, remarking on the bathroom. 'What's up bud? You know the vibes, bro,' he said as he was preening in the mirror in tight black shorts, a tight black T-shirt and a black hat. 'I was looking at myself, man. I'm so sorry.'

Roughly 24 hours later, on June 5, Rodriguez exited the wreckage of a $300,000 2017 Lamborghini Huracan he was driving and said to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer: 'I just killed someone.'

The officer recalled the quote to Fox 5 in Las Vegas, after Rodriguez hit local resident Walter Anderson, 58, on Russell Road at Rogers Street at 11:50 p.m.

Anderson was on a moped. contacted Anderson's family for comment; they didn't immediately respond.

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Rodriguez was going 141mph in a 45mph zone and allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol

Rodriguez had allegedly been drinking, the officer said, because his eyes were watery and bloodshot and he smelled of alcohol. It's not clear if he took a breath or blood test.

Although he slowed his car from 141 to 127 mph before the impact, he slammed the moped so hard that it became stuck under the front of the Lamborghini, according to reports from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Rodriguez says he is an investor in 'crypto automatio'n through the platform iGenius, according to his Facebook page, where his bio reads, 'Crypto automation. Multiple 6 figure earner. iGenius.'

'If you wanna do this stuff that we do, you just gotta do crypto automation,' he said in the video posted to Facebook the night before the accident, speaking of the high-dollar lifestyle he was flaunting.

Just a few hours before the crash, he posted a photo to Facebook with several Louis Vuitton shopping bags and the caption, 'Become the person your haters wished you wouldn't be.'
Local Las Vegas resident Walter 'Jaye' Anderson, 58, was on his way home from work when he was struck by Rodriguez's Lamborghini
Rodriguez hit and killed Anderson on Russell Road at Rogers Street at 11:50 p.m.
Rodriguez was driving a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan similar to the one pictured above. Used car sites have them selling for $300,000 

That was at 10:13 p.m. An hour before that, he posted a photo behind the wheel of a car with a woman's legs on his lap and the caption, 'When motivational pics become a reality.'

And the day before, he posted the exuberant video showing his Facebook followers where he and his friends were staying. 'I'm gonna get at least $40 million off of dream token bro,' his friend says in the video, to which he responds, 'And we shall flip that into a billion.'

Rodriguez, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center, was released on $750,000 bail under the conditions that he never drive again and submits to alcohol monitoring, according to court records.

Among reckless driving and a DUI charge, Rodriguez was also charged with driving without a valid driver's license.

He is not the registered owner of the Minnesota vehicle and it isn't clear who owns the car, according to Fox 5.

At the time of the crash, he was driving with a passenger who told officers that they were on a joyride with friends in another Lamborghini and all going to a party.

Two friends of Rodriguez witnessed the crash and were in another Lamborghini, driving alongside Rodriquez, according to the Review-Journal, which states that Rodriguez sped away from them before the crash. They haven't been named.
Rodriguez posted the above photo to Facebook just hours before the crash
Rodriguez is an investor in crypto automation through the platform iGenius, according to his Facebook page. He posted this picture behind the wheel of a Lamborghini
In a video posted to Facebook the day before the deadly crash, Rodriguez boasted about the penthouse where he and his friends were staying for his birthday weekend in Las Vegas.
Rodriguez showed his Facebook followers around the multi-level penthouse apartment where he and his friends were staying in Las Vegas. 

Rodriguez's passenger said he was going 'pretty fast,' according to a police report, but she claimed that she didn't known he had been drinking.

Neither Rodriguez nor his passenger were injured. She wasn't named by police.

Rodriguez had not had a criminal complaint filed against him in the case as of Wednesday, according to the Review-Journal. contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for an update on the case, but the department did not comment.

A message to Rodriguez's Facebook account from also wasn't immediately returned.

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