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Taylor Moton Moving to Left Tackle?

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During OTAs, teams will try to do a few things to see if new plays, formations, concepts can be installed without putting too much time into it. Another thing coaching staffs can do is move players around to different spots on the field which is what several guys are doing right now with the Carolina Panthers. The idea is to cross-train players for multiple positions so that they are ready and able to step into a different position if needed.

Starting right tackle Taylor Moton has been taking some reps over on the left side over the last week or so but it doesn't appear that the Panthers are teetering on the decision of moving him over there full-time.

"We're down some guys some days, and he kicks over there and plays some left tackle at times," Rhule said. "I think if we were planning on doing it, it would be a full-time move at this point.

"But it's something where we're just giving him some reps. Just like the right guard sometimes plays left guard. Taylor's a great guy, and he always wants to challenge himself and try new things, so that's good."

Of course, it would make sense to have your best pass protector at left tackle to protect the quarterback's blindside but as Rhule noted, it's not necessarily an easy switch unless you've had a high number of reps. Although left and right tackle are both similar, your feet are switched, your dropback foot is your left foot and not your right, and your angles may alter as well. It's something that takes quite a while to get nailed down which is why you rarely see guys able to play both tackle spots.

When asked what would cause the Panthers to move him over to left tackle, Rhule responded: "If he's the best available."

So for now, you can put your money on either the veteran Cameron Erving or 3rd round pick Brady Christensen to earn that starting job. Trent Scott may also be in the mix as well.


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