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Missing Car-Crash Pup In Idaho Is Found Safe - Herding Sheep

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Em Unravelling
Em Unravelling
 7 days ago
Tilly, who was thrown from a car but eventually found safeFacebook

It happened on Sunday: Linda Oswald and her family, who were travelling along Idaho State Highway 41 near Rathdrum, got into a car crash. Their car collided with another and in the melee, their beloved family dog Tilly (a young border collie crossbreed) was thrown from the broken rear window of their GMC Yukon and lost.

As you can imagine, the family were frantic. Tilly had been seen running after the crash, so the Oswald family roped in others to help search, but after a frantic 10 hour- extending into the early hours of the next day - there was no sign of the pup and they had to admit defeat. Sadly, they returned home, and Linda Oswald put a shout-out on social media pleading for any sightings of her dog.

However, it wasn't until Tuesday that her posts bore fruit. Nearly 3 days after the crash and after he disappeared, Tilly reappeared once more. Not harmed, not traumatised - just following his border-collie instincts, and....herding sheep!

Tyler and Travis Potter, whose farm is close to the crash site, and their brother Zane became suspicious of one of their "sheepdogs", Hooey, because he was not responding when his name was called and because his fur seemed a little darker than it should be.

Hooey really comes right away when you call him, and this dog put its ears back and started running off. - Travis Potter

Thanks to the fact that Linda Oswald's post about Tilly had received over 3,000 shares - even the Potters' grandmother in California had seen the post, and noted that it happened close to her grandchildren's property - it was an easy job for the Potters to identify the interloper in their midst. They realized straight away that the dog was Tilly, and thankfully, this realization coincided with the arrival at the farm of a Kootenai County Sheriff's Office deputy, who by chance was also out looking for the missing dog.

The sheriff took Tilly back home, and after a long drink, the dog was soon sleeping off his exertions in his own bed, to the great relief of his owners. Tilly had had an eventful few days - not just the car crash, but a chance to be a sheepdog, too! No wonder he was tired.

And after days of searching and worrying about their pet, the Oswalds could relax again, and let Tilly get back to herding people at the park rather than actual flocks of farm sheep.

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