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Lincoln, NE

Kenna Lee Carlson: 28 years of behind-the-scenes excellence
 3 days ago

Cover picture for the articleFor Kenna Lee Carlson, leaving her job as Union’s alumni activities director is not a retirement so much as a promotion to full-time family activities director. “I don’t want to just go home and put my feet up, you know. That's not my reason for retiring. It’s to be busy in other ways,” Kenna Lee said. “I see my time is getting close to the end, and I need to spend some time on my family stuff—more time for what I love.” She’s been with Union for twenty-eight years, first working in the Nursing Program, then in the Records Office, and most recently as the alumni activities director. Now, she’ll be putting the energy once dedicated to Union’s nearly 13,000 living alumni into her eight grandchildren, nonagenarian mother-in-law and the rest of her family.