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A Conversation With Andrew Draayer About the Advantages of Competition and Why It’s Important to Visualize Your Own Success

Thrive Global
 4 days ago

Cover picture for the articleAndrew Draayer is a professional real estate investor. The ninth of ten children, Andrew has always possessed a gift for talking to people. After a brief time studying at Arizona State University, Andrew discovered his talents lie elsewhere from academia and he tried his hand at sales. He was a professional door-to-door salesman for the better part of a decade before starting a family of his own and realizing that he needed a more stable income to support them. As luck would have it, that realization coincided with meeting his future business partner. Together, the two founded Andrew the Homebuyer, a real estate investment firm based on hustle, people skills, and a business plan that appeals to homeowners who want to sell their homes for cash, person-to-person, the old fashioned way.