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Akron, OH

Akron Municipal Court chosen as Online Dispute Resolution pilot court

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Paul Krasinic
Paul Krasinic
 5 days ago
Brett Sayles/Pexels
AKRON — The Supreme Court of Ohio has selected the Akron Municipal Court to be an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Pilot Court. With this decision, the Akron Municipal Court became one of 17 courts chosen statewide.

The Court’s Small Claims and Eviction Division will try to use ODR software provided by the Supreme Court of Ohio through Matterhorn as part of the pilot program. In December 2020, The Akron Municipal Court obtained an acceptance notification for this opportunity.

ODR software is an online, court-monitored messaging and mediation program that aims to resolve the case before continuing through the legal system. Meditation is considered a key component in resolving disputes without the help of a Judge or Magistrate.

The new ODR software, which is scheduled to launch in May 2021, will permit parties to negotiate ahead to filing a court case without a mediator.

“Mediation and online dispute resolution is extremely beneficial. With proper planning prior to online dispute resolution, the result is generally a positive outcome. Parties tend to agree that dispute resolution is more useful when everyone is readily prepared with a plan. Being proactive by thinking through solutions can save all involved time and money while eliminating stress,” said Magistrate Angela Hardway, Mediation Supervisor for the Akron Municipal Court.

If a mediator is required, they will be selected by the Akron Municipal Court. The mediators will satisfy the training requirements of the Ohio Supreme Court for the purpose of general and eviction mediation.

To learn more, call (330) 375-2285 or email the Small Claims and Evictions at