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New York City, NY

NYC Parks To Spend Your Summer Visiting

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Rachel On Trend
Rachel On Trend
 13 days ago

So it's finally summer in NYC - and you can tell by the weather, it has been SO hot. I know living in the city can feel like kind of a lot sometimes. There is just building after building, streets, cars, buses, trucks. I know I certainly miss the suburbs at times, which is why I try to spend as much time in the parks of New York City as I can. Even though NYC is known as the concrete jungle, there are a surprising amount of parks spattered throughout the city. No matter what neighborhood or borough you live in, there is definitely a park nearby!

Parks are a great place to spend time in the summer. Whether you are alone or with your friends and family, it’s always a good time. I love going to the park by myself with a good book and just spending some time outside getting fresh air. And of course I love to go to the park with friends and family to have picnics and just enjoy some quality time together! So I made this list of some of my favorite parks in the city that if you haven’t been to yet, you definitely have to visit this summer!

My top favorite parks in New York City:

Central Park

First on my list of course is Central Park. I know that you’ve probably been to this park, especially if you live in the city, but I just couldn’t write a list about parks in the city and not include the most famous park of all! Central Park is one of my favorites because it’s just so big and there is literally so much to do there. You can have a picnic on one of their sprawling grassy fields, there's horse drawn carriage rides, boats you can rent in the ponds, and there’s even a zoo! So you could easily spend multiple days enjoying all of the amenities this beautiful park has to offer.

Prospect Park

Next up is Prospect Park, which is another huge park in the city. This one is located in Brooklyn, so it’s nowhere near as well known or popular as Central Park, but still definitely worth a trip to! This park is home to another zoo, the Brooklyn botanical gardens, The famous Prospect Park Boathouse, hiking trails and more!

Bryant Park

And next, we’ve got another pretty famous Manhattan park that is an absolute must visit whether you are a tourist visiting for a few days or you live here - definitely visit Bryant Park. Bryant Park is one of my favorites because there is just so much to do there. Again if you just want to enjoy the fresh air with a good book, there’s tons of tables and areas to sit and relax. And there’s always tons of fun events happening at Bryant Park, so there is always a new fun thing to do here. They have pop up markets and shops which I just love to browse, and more!

East River Park

The East River Park is another great park that is located in Manhattan's lower east side. This is a beautiful park with gorgeous views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge - the perfect place for a picnic or just a relaxing walk with friends! There are tons of waterfront pathways in this park that are great for walking and cycling!

Washington Square Park

The next park that I just love in the city is Washington Square Park. This park, located in Greenwich Village in lower Manhattan. This park is definitely one of the coolest parks in the city, with the Washington Arch, fountains, gardens, and more! I love how pretty and picturesque Washington Square Park is - it’s the perfect photo op whether you are a tourist visiting, or a New York City dweller who just loves to get great photos!

Carl Schurz Park

And Lastly, we’ve reached Carl Schurz Park - which has become one of my recent favorites. It’s located on the Upper East Side and it’s another great park to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Like I said Carl Schurz Park is on the Upper East Side, so there are always tons of families and people walking their dogs there which I just love! It’s also right on the water so there are some gorgeous views of the East River!