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Unidentified Man Found Drowned In Eagle Valley River Near Vail Colorado

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Carrie Wynn
Carrie Wynn
 12 days ago
Roaring RiverJenean Newcomb/Unsplash

Late Sunday evening an unidentified man was pronounced dead after being pulled from the Eager River in a suspected boated accident.

The police have confirmed that the man appears to be in his mid-fifties and that he was found unresponsive just before 6:30 PM on Sunday. He was wearing a life vest but it appears that wasn't enough to save him from drowning.

Two men on paddleboards were the ones who found him and pulled him from the water, and immediately began giving him CPR as they called the police.

The Eagle Police Department responded along with the Eagle County Sheriff's Office, and the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District.

Unfortunately, the man remained unresponsive even as the first responders began giving him CPR and he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arriving by medical professionals.

Currently, this mysterious incident is under investigation by the Eagle Couty Sheriff's Office. After the victim's loved ones have been notified of what happened his name and cause of death will be released to the general public.

Police are urging Colorado residents to remain safe while in the river as warmer temperatures mean that snowmelt and runoff engorge the river and increases the risk of drowning. Residents are also being urged to stay prepared and ensure that they are familiar with safety equipment and river rescue protocols.

They are advising that the best thing to do if someone's life is in danger is to call 911 immediately, rather than put their own life at risk trying to rescue someone. The police are reminding residents that trained professionals are better equipped to respond to life-threatening situations.

The river is nothing to joke with, as I have had several family members almost love their lives in the last few years.

If you live in Colorado, have you ever been in the rivers and had a life-threatening situation, or known someone who experienced something similar?