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Butler, AL

What’s up Butler: Local events calendar

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Butler Updates
Butler Updates

(BUTLER, AL) Butler is ready for live events.

With venues and artists using groundbreaking digital tools to present live content to remote audiences, performers that previously would have depended on in-person attendance are now able to channel their unique energy into digital formats.

Even as technology progresses, meanwhile, venues and entertainers have also adapted in-person events, shifting formats to accommodate social distancing.

Check out these live events, coming up both in-person and remote in and around Butler:
Linden, AL | Posted by Local Events

Starts at: Mon Oct 10, 05:00 AM

Ends at: Mon Oct 10, 08:00 PM

Address: 100 Abbott St, Linden, AL

The Nelons are an award winning family band performing a variety of songs and styles including gospel, hymns, contemporary, a cappella, bluegrass and much more.

Starts at: Mon Jun 06, 11:30 AM

Ends at: Tue Jun 06, 03:30 PM

Address: 1180 Sandflat Road, Meridian, MS 39301

Time: (16 hours/2 days)Class Size: 26 students,16 LE from multiple agencies, 8 Fire/EMS, and 2 Dispatch per class
Meridian, MS | Posted by EventBrite

Starts at: Mon Jul 07, 06:00 AM

Ends at: Tue Jul 07, 03:00 PM

Address: 1180 Sandflat Road, Meridian, MS 39301

This dynamic course of instruction is designed to prepare the first responder to isolate, distract, and neutralize an active shooter.

Starts at: Thu Jun 06, 08:00 AM

Ends at: Thu Jun 06, 01:00 PM

Address: 1808 4th Street, Meridian, MS 39301

Celebrate the 150th anniversary of the American Industrial Revolution at historic Soulé Steam Feed Works.
Quitman, MS | Posted by Local Events

Starts at: Fri Sep 09, 05:00 PM

Address: 386 Clarkco Road, Quitman, MS

The Ivy Trek Ultra was conceived by Time 2 Run Race Timing who also holds the Great Scorpion Trail Run in Meridian, MS annually in January. The Ivy Trek Ultra promises to be equally challenging...

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