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Michigan man kills two of his neighbors because they were too loud, was unable to sleep, according to affidavit

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By Ashanti Lee Seabron

(KALAMAZOO COUNTY, Mich.) According to a court document, a man named William Wolfe is accused of shooting and killing two of his neighbors last Thursday over being too loud, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

In an affidavit last week, a Kalamazoo County sheriff's investigator said that Wolfe, 31, shot Virgil Walker, 49, and his wife, Kailey Walker, 30, "without warning" after knocking on their apartment door at the Galesburg Village Apartments in Galesburg, Michigan.

After the shooting, Wolfe returned to his apartment, said his goodbyes to his cat and went to another apartment complex where he called 911.

According to the KC sheriff's office, when confronted by investigators, Wolfe told them that he shot the Walkers because they were too loud and he was unable to go to sleep.

Investigators also said that Wolfe's mental health may have played a role in the shootings.

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