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These 3 Florida Cities Are Ranked Super Safe in 2021

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Malinda Fusco
Malinda Fusco
 13 days ago
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Did you know that 59% of Floridians have a daily concern for their safety? Well, if you're within that 59%, then you may be curious to know which cities are the safest in our sunshine state. Every year, Safewise takes a close look at the violent crimes and property crimes committed in each city. The ranks for 2021 have been released, so let's take a look at which Florida cities ranked the highest!

This article analyzes the three cities with the highest Safewise safety rating.

Number 1: Marco Island

According to Safewise, Marco Island is the safest city in Florida! Its violent crime rate and property crime rates are very low despite the high population. Furthermore, 2021 is the second year in a row that Marco Island scored the top spot on Safewise's list!

Marco Island is a barrier island located in the Gulf. It's well known (and dare I say renowned) for its beautiful beaches, resorts, and elaborate golf courses. If you haven't been for a visit, this summer might be the perfect time to check it out.

County: Collier County

Population: 18,124

Violent Crime per 1,000 people: 0.4

Property Crime per 1,000 people: 4.6

Number 2: Parkland

Parkland comes in at a close second for the safest cities in Florida. Its violent crime rate is actually a hair lower than Marco Island's! However, its property crime rate is a fair bit higher.

Parkland is absolutely gorgeous and is designed to look like its name: it's filled with greenery and parks. It actually has some unique zoning laws in order to maintain the parklike atmosphere throughout the city. Neat, right?

County: Broward County

Population: 35,244

Violent Crime per 1,000 people: 0.3

Property Crime per 1,000 people: 5.4

Number 3: Weston

Weston is also in Broward County. This Florida city comes in at number three on the safest cities in Florida. Last year, it was actually number 2 on that list for 2020, but this year its crime rates elevated just enough to drop it into third place among the list. Even though it's third place, it's still quite a bit safer than the rest of the state.

Weston is a suburban community and, like Parkland, has a ton of parks to visit.

County: Broward County

Population: 71,946

Violent Crime per 1,000 people: 0.5

Property Crime per 1,000 people: 5.0

Broward County Snags Two of the Top Three Spots

Outside of Marco Island, the two other cities on this list (Parkland and Weston) were both in Broward County. It's probably safe to say (pun intended) that Broward County is a fairly safe area compared to the rest of the state!

Do you live in any of the top three safest cities in Florida? If so, do you feel safe, or do you have a daily concern for your safety like most Floridians?

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