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Josie Klakström

Police Seek Help In Child Abduction

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Josie Klakström
Josie Klakström
 12 days ago

Four-year-old Jessica vanished from her bedroom in the middle of the night.
Jessica aged 4 and an age progressed

On the 6th of June, Jessica Gutierrez went missing from her bedroom in Lexington, South Carolina. 35 years ago.

On that Friday, Jessica’s mother, Debra, woke up to find her daughter missing. She asked her other children if they’d seen their sister, but they hadn’t. A call to her friends began a small search for Jessica, but they couldn’t find the little girl.

Debra reported Jessica missing to the police soon after, and a search began. Police on quad bikes and other off-road vehicles searched the woods, and an aeroplane searched from above.

The anniversary of Jessica Gutierrez’s disappearance hit 35 years this week. Police still continue to work on the little girl’s case, but now they need some outsider’s help to see if anyone saw anything that night.

For fifteen years, Sergeant David Pritchard has looked at Jessica’s case file every day. Despite this being one of the coldest cases he has, he’s determined to find some resolution for little Jessica’s family and the community of Lexington.

“What we’re hoping is that with the 35th anniversary and the coverage that we’re getting is that people will see this, and it may spark something in their past that they remember that they may have discounted years ago, but now they think ‘hey this may have something to do with it’. We’re really hoping that it can generate some new and fresh leads for us," he said during the social media short films.

It’s believed that Jessica’s abductor came through her window in the early hours of that Friday morning and left the house through the front door with the child in tow.

“Because it may be the piece that we’re looking for that can solve the puzzle that we need. So, if anybody has any information, please call, please let us know," says Pritchard in a last plea to the public.

Back in 2007, it was reported that there was a prime suspect in Jessica’s disappearance.

Former sheriff James Metts said at the time, "That's what's frustrating about the case. We've felt we knew who it was pretty much a day or two into that case, but we've been not able to convince the solicitor that we need to move forward as far as prosecution is concerned."

Now, it appears that information was incorrect as the case remains unsolved.

If Jessica were still alive today, she would be 39 years old. Any information about Jessica’s disappearance can be left anonymously with Crime Stoppers by calling 1-888-CRIME-SC or by going to their website

The full videos of Jessica’s story can be found here on Twitter.