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Nicole Akers

Every Day Can Be Donut Day

Donuts! Get the famous Round Rock donut just minutes from Austin.Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Austin, TX--Most mornings, cars line up down the street and around the block to get a taste of Round Rock Donuts. The award-winning donut has become know across the United States, but locals remember the small shop nested in the corner of downtown Round Rock as the place they could get a good donut before it was famous.

On National Donut Day, this notice was on the website and the donut shop offered expanded hours.

"We will be open from 4:30am - 6:30pm. One of our top priorities at Round Rock Donuts is Fast & Friendly service! In order to maximize our efficiency, we do not accept pre-orders/call-ahead orders for quantities less than 10 dozen. If you wish to place an order for 10 dozen (donuts/kolaches) or more, please call our store directly at 512-255-3629 ext. 7"

If you're going to order ahead, order big and be prepared to share with friends to maximize your time to get the famous donut of an odd color. The reason for the yellowish-orange color is the fresh eggs. The donuts are still made from the owner's original recipe and with as much care as they were years age.

The Texas tire donut is 12 donuts, that's right, one dozen donuts baked into one, the Texas Tire, and it is cut with a 5-gallon bucket.

Man versus food critic, Chet Garner says Round Rock Donuts lives up to the hype. Garner brought fame to the place locals favored and made it famous. He quite literally put Round Rock Donuts on the map and made it a desirable location.

After Garner burned out as a lawyer, he wanted more fun in his life. His background: Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin and went on to graduate first in his class from Baylor Law School. However, after practicing law for 3 years, he decided to follow his passions and to simultaneously inspire Texans to appreciate the beauty, history, and food of the Lone Star State.

Garner expands his food expertise to include culture, outdoors, swimming holes, and all wonderful things. He lives in Georgetown and makes trips that can be made in one day to experience culture and adventure. Thus The Daytripper was born.

In this video, he also says that the Round Rock Donuts location, at 106 W. Liberty Street (1,473.61 mi) Round Rock, TX, just minutes from Austin, makes the best donuts ever.

While Garner touts the location as touristy, locals don't feel the same way. Many people remember their donut shop before Garner featured it and miss the quaint donut shop where they could get a great-tasting donut without the huge crowds. For anyone who reads the door on their entrance, you can't miss the award-winning donut notice or "As featured on Man vs. Food."

On any given Saturday morning, you can be prepared to wait for the award-winning donut. Traffic literally circles blocks around the building. It is a common occurrence for drivers waiting in line to stop oncoming traffic as their patience grows thin.

The staff is friendly and efficient. Round Rock Donuts operates like a well-oiled machine. And to serve the volume of customers it does, it has to operate at optimum capabilities daily. Locals, for the most part, are glad Garner made their donuts famous. They just wish they didn't have to wait so long in line to enjoy the treat.

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