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Vidor, TX

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing” Murder Given Massive Reward

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Josie Klakström
Josie Klakström
 15 days ago

Kathy Page was murdered in Vidor, Texas, and her killer has never been caught. Now, south east Texas Crime Stoppers is offering $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of Kathy’s murderer, in the hope of finally closing this cold case.
The original signs put up by Kathy's

34-year-old Kathy Page had recently split up from her husband, Steve. On the night of her death, Kathy was heading out for some drinks and needed a babysitter. She called her estranged husband to ask if he could look after them while she went out.

The following day at 5 am, Kathy’s black Mercury Tracer was found in a ditch 100 yards from her home. Kathy was dead in the driver’s seat, and the crash appeared to be an accident. However, when the police arrived, they agreed that something was very wrong with the crime scene.

All the evidence pointed to Kathy’s husband Steve, but he was never charged for her murder.

He later told the Daily Mail, “We don't have any evidence it's not me, that's the police's response. They didn't help me one bit. They have smeared my name to hell and back.”

Kathy’s father, James, rented billboards on Interstate 10 reading messages such as “Steve Page Brutally Murdered His Wife In 1991. Vidor P.D Does Not Want To Solve This Case. I Believe They Took A Bribe. The Attorney General Should Investigate. James Fulton – Her Father.”

Instead of a legal proceeding, Kathy’s family took him through a civil court, where video footage of Steve punting the flowers off of Kathy’s grave was shown, and his odd behaviour the day after Kathy died was questioned. The court eventually found Steve financially liable for Kathy’s death, and he was ordered to pay her family $200,000.

Because no one was charged in Kathy’s murder, the case has stayed open. The homicide investigation had faults from the beginning, with evidence not being preserved down to no film in the camera.

If you have any information about Kathy Page’s murder, please contact the south east Texas Crime Stoppers on 409-833-8477 (833-TIPS).

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