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Josie Klakström

Serial Killer Won’t Face Time for Additional Murders

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Josie Klakström
Josie Klakström
 16 days ago

Edward Surratt is already in prison, serving two life sentences.

When State Police went to interview the convicted serial killer in Raiford Correctional Facility, Florida, he accidentally admitted to an additional six murders during the conversation. In 1977 and ’78, Surratt killed William and Nancy Adams, John Shelkons, plus the murders of Guy and Laura Mills, and Joel Krueger in Bedford County and Fulton County around the same time.
Edward Surratt raped, murdered and robbed his victims.Florida Department of Corrections

Now, Florida and South Carolina district attorneys have mutually agreed not to charge the 79 year old with the further six crimes.

“PSP investigators never stopped seeking justice for the victims of these terrible crimes and their families. We hope that the confessions announced today will help bring some semblance of closure to the victims’ loved ones,”

said Lieutenant Colonel Scott Price from Pennsylvania State Police.

Surratt was arrested in 1978 after police named him a suspect in the murder of Luther Langford and his wife. Surratt’s fingerprints were found in Langford’s car, along with items that belonged to another couple who had been beaten to death a year earlier.

This isn’t the first time Surratt has got away with murder, though; the same thing happened in 2007. After serving 29 years in prison, Surratt confessed to another six murders in Pennsylvania and Ohio, for which he was never charged.

Though the Vietnam War veteran’s confession has closed four Pennsylvania cold cases, there isn’t much justice for the families involved in the newly closed homicide cases. Surratt remains a suspect in an additional ten unsolved murders in Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

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