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Florida Man Beats Iguana in Disgusting Display of Cruelty; WTF

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Malinda Fusco
Malinda Fusco
 18 days ago
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If you think you've heard everything, think again. In a disgusting display of animal cruelty, a Florida man beat an iguana so badly that it needed to be euthanized. Furthermore, his defense for his actions was absolutely ridiculous.

This article is about the horrible incident that happened recently in Lake Worth, Florida, along with what authorities and the man claimed as his "defense."

A Sudden Fit of Rage
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Police were called when bystanders witnessed and recorded a man, PJ Patterson, beating an iguana. When the police arrived, they found the iguana alive but unconscious and severely wounded. The iguana was euthanized for humane reasons since a full recovery was unlikely given the severity of the wounds.

On the video, PJ was seen dragging the animal by the tail, kicking it, stepping it on, and other cruel measures.

PJ was charged with battery, although no convictions have been passed as of yet.

The Police Report and Filing Against It
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The police report shows just how violent PJ was with the iguana. An officer who responded to the incident wrote:

“Patterson had opportunities to regain his composure and stop assaulting the iguana, but instead PJ Patterson chose to stalk the helpless iguana and deliver vicious strikes to the animal."

If that's not bad enough, once charged with battery, PJ filed for immunity for his alleged crimes under Florida's Stand Your Ground Law. Florida's Stand Your Ground Law was passed in 2005. It states that if someone is under threat of death or bodily injury, they can "meet force with force" instead of having to run away or retreat.

PJ claimed in the filing against his charges that the iguana bit him first, and then he flew into the rage to defend himself.

The official file calls the iguana a wild beast.

“An altercation between Patterson and the wild beast took place. The wild beast was left incapacitated."

Also, let me just remind you that 'incapacitated actually means unconscious injured to the point of needing to be euthanized. He claimed that the amount of force he used against the reptile was "reasonable" given the situation...

What do you think?
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So, fellow Floridians, what do you think? Do you think that Florida's Stand Your Ground Law is enough to dismiss the charges against PJ Patterson? Or do you think that considering the severity of the situation and the actual threat posed to him by the iguana will make his defense fall apart?

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