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New York City, NY

Op-Ed: It’s A Crime, What’s Happened To New York City

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 18 days ago
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NEW YORK, NY – As I reflect on what’s happened to my favorite city on planet earth, police are searching for a pair of men suspected of assaulting a 64-year-old man at a subway station turnstile on Sunday morning. Station video released by the NYPD over the weekend shows the victim attacked by two masked men wearing hoodies. Police said the man was slashed in the head and punched and kicked by the suspects. The men also allegedly made off with $150 taken from the man before fleeing the station. My mind flashes back to my experiences as a young girl living in the shadow of this city. Riding the subways with my mom in the late 1970s and early 80s was a risky business. We would often move between cars when my mother feared a “mugger” might be in the car. I would look for safety, and you knew where to look. You looked for the red berets, the guardian angels. They were the ones that could keep us safe in what had been dubbed “fear city.” I also remember the renaissance in the early 1990s. That rebirth occurred after the city deteriorated to a shell of its former self. Finally, New Yorkers did something they hardly ever do. They voted for a Republican mayor.